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Winner Oldest Hotsy Meet the Oldest Working Hotsy Pressure Washers!

In honor of Hotsy’s 40th anniversary, we held a recent contest throughout North America called the Oldest Working Hotsy. We know our line of industrial pressure washers is the most rugged on the market and believe in the durability and staying power of Hotsy. What better way to support this statement than to host a search to find the Oldest Hotsy still working today. The contest ended May 31st and one random winner was selected. Here’s his story:

Congratulations to our winner:
Randy Lemberg of Humboldt, IA - shown with his 1976 Hotsy Model 650

Winner Oldest Hotsy Randy purchased his Hotsy pressure washer in September of 1976 to use on his family farm, and states he has washed many different pieces of equipment in the 34 years he owned it.

Randy wrote, “My Hotsy pressure washer has come in handy to wash tractors, combines, grain trucks, pickup trucks, family cars, the inside of barns, and many other various items. My Hotsy still has all the original parts except for the 75 feet of hose. This washer was kept inside at all times, and spent winters in a heated building. My Hotsy is in excellent condition, and is still working like the first day it was bought.”

“You can see that the farm equipment has changed, but the pressure washer has remained the same. This Hotsy pressure washer is now helping the second generation of farmers in my family farm operation. I started washing my 1953 M International Harvester tractor, and now my son is washing the 2008 Case IH tractor with the same washer I have used. Just like your slogan says, “Hotsy take it all off”, I am a believer in Hotsy pressure washers!”


 Thanks to everyone who submitted their Oldest Hotsy story. Here are a few honorable mentions:

Hapopian Farms   Interstate Paper Corporation
1981 Hotsy
Hapopian Farms – Fresno, California
1984 Hotsy Model 5232
Interstate Paper Corporation - Riceboro, Georgia
Mark and Marti Hapopian have been farming since1963, producing almonds, raisins and sweet potatoes. They clean all types of farm equipment with their Hotsy, which is serviced by Hotsy of Central CA.
Interstate Paper produces linear board for the inside of corrugated cardboard boxes, shipping all over the world. They purchased their Hotsy pressure washer new in 1984 and still use it to this day!

Pictured above L to R: Roosevelt “Tootsie” Johnson, Bernie Corbitt, Hotsy Dealer Mitzi Lutz-Moore, and Jimmy Howard.
J. Dixon Enterprises   Edward & Susan Dellinger
Mid 1970’s Hotsy Model 630
J. Dixon Enterprises – Merlin, Oregon
1978 Hotsy Model 500
Edward & Susan Dellinger – Plattsmouth, Nebraska
“My steam cleaner started out its life in the mid-70's in Anaheim, CA. I owned an auto repair and VW dismantling business in Walnut, CA, called Dixon Bugs where I used the steam cleaner on a daily basis. Since moving to Grants Pass, OR, I now have a street rod shop and we get a lot of old cars that have years of grease and road grime on them.

This last time I took it in to my local Hotsy Dealer (General Equipment), I had them retrofit it so you can now adjust the pressure and control it with a new hand wand. It works even better since I got it back with the new features. All these years it's been a life-saver and a money-maker in time saved, using my Hotsy machine cleaning everything from big rig trucks to cars and equipment.
“Around 1978 we purchased our Hotsy pressure washer from a used items sale in the state of Nebraska. We wash vehicles, tractors, farm equipment plus clean the siding on the house. Our neighbor has borrowed it numerous times to clean his hog confinement shed.

It was been a very useful and needed addition to our list of equipment. We use the Hotsy washer almost every week to clean our vehicles and prepare any equipment we plan to use for the season.

We have replaced the pump and the motor, but everything else, such as the inner coil, is all original parts. We have appreciated the dependability of this unit. It can be counted on every time!”
Mike Hoskins   Blue Valley Automotive
1975 Hotsy Model 842
Mike Hoskins – Simcoe, Ontario
1978 Hotsy
Blue Valley Automotive – Coalinga, California
“My Hotsy is approximately 35 years old and is still working! It was used originally for cleaning drilling rigs but now it’s used for cleaning compressor stations.”
“Our Hotsy pressure washer was purchased in 1978 and has cleaned everything from tricycles to tractors! We still use it daily in our shop. In the Coalinga earthquake in 1983, the building fell on it and toppled it over. When it was righted it was dented, but it still worked perfectly!”

Pictured Above: Tim Worth
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