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Hotsy Gas Engine Pressure Washers – Versatile Yet Tough

Hotsy electric pressure washers

Hotsy Gas Engine Pressure Washers provide greater portability
In order to operate, pressure washers need a power source to run the high-pressure pump. The most common power types are engine fueled by gasoline (or diesel) and electric motor. A gas engine pressure washer offers the user more portability than an electric powered washer, because you don’t need to be "plugged" into your power source.

Hotsy offers hot water or cold-water pressure washers. Hot water pressure washers are great for cleaning and removing any type of grease or oil. However, if you choose a hot water pressure washer, it will require a second energy source to heat the burner, which in turn is heating the water. Burners in Hotsy’s gas engine pressure washers use fuel oil. The main differences between a hot water and cold-water pressure washer are cost and size, due to the addition of the burner system and added safety controls. All Hotsy gas powered pressure washers are ETL Certified, which means they are engineered to the highest level of safety.

Hotsy gas engine pressure washers are ideal for outdoor cleaning
Hotsy gas engine pressure washers are powered either by Honda, Robin Subaru or Vanguard engines, and are perfect for outdoor cleaning. (You wouldn’t want to operate a gas engine indoors due to fossil fuel emissions). With a portable gas engine pressure washer, all you need is water and you can clean just about anywhere.

Portability is standard in a number of gas engine pressure washers in the Hotsy line. Models with a skid style chassis can be ordered with optional wheel kits, allowing for maneuverability around job sites. The chassis of the 1200 Series and the belt-drive Gas Engine Series allows for mounting in the bed of a pick-up truck or trailer, which is very effective for construction, mining or agriculture cleaning.

Hotsy cold-water pressure washers provide an affordable alternative to hot water cleaning. They are compact and more fuel efficient, since there is no burner to fire. Hotsy gas powered pressure washers are far more rugged than consumer grade cold-water models, designed specifically to be used much more often and in commercial applications.

The Hotsy BD Series and BX Series are popular belt-drive pump pressure washers, while the DB Series features a direct-drive pump and lightweight design. The HC Series is the smallest gas engine pressure washer Hotsy offers.

Speak to your local Hotsy dealer to see a gas engine pressure washer in action – request a free, no obligation on-site demonstration. Your local dealer can recommend the machine that best meets your cleaning needs. See why Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!

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