What are you Cleaning? Hotsy detergents are designed for specific applications.

Ever spend valuable time cleaning with your pressure washer, only to find it’s not removing grime as quickly or efficiently as you would like? One reason may be the detergent (or lack of) that you’re using. For example, if you’re cleaning a commercial truck with a pressure washer, you need a detergent that will remove road film and diesel smoke. Some regular pressure washer soaps may not have the needed components to cut through and remove road film, meaning you’ll spend more time with less than spectacular results.

Hotsy detergents are developed with specific cleaning applications in mind, so that each has a recommended use. We’ve divided them into convenient categories, so you’ll find what you need quickly.



Talk to your local Hotsy dealer to learn which detergent best suits your industry. With more than 50 power washer detergent varieties to speed your cleaning process, there's something for everyone!

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