The Hotsy Pump is engineered for durability & performance.

Central to every Hotsy pressure washer lies the heart of the machine, the Hotsy high-pressure pump. The Hotsy pump is highly efficient with a history of engineering excellence.

Hotsy has been manufacturing our own pumps since 1984. Over the years, design changes have been implemented to improve the efficiency of the pumps, making the Hotsy pump one of the most efficient and durable pumps on the market.

Hotsy Pumps featuring NESTechnology™
Now, with the latest innovation of NESTechnology™, Hotsy outshines other pump brands with extended service life.Hotsy pumps use the latest innovation to seal technology - NESTechnology™. It stands for Nested Seal Technology, where the pump actually “nests” the seals of the pump’s high-pressure packing assembly in place, supporting the side walls, and resulting in 3 times the seal life over similar pumps in the industry.

Benefits of using the Hotsy high-pressure pump are:

  • Four frame sizes: one duplex, and three triplex sizes - small, medium, large
  • Externally accessible check valves
  • Two inlet and discharge ports facilitate system installation
  • Anodized aluminum crankcase with cooling fins for heat dissipation
  • Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal wear
  • Oversized crankshaft and connecting rods
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings or heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Internally-ported, self-lubricating seals
  • Pumps available for pulley, direct or gear-reducer drive
  • 7-year warranty on the oil-end of the pump


Your Hotsy dealer has access to Hotsy replacement pumps, seal kits and related parts. Contact them today for your high-pressure pump needs.

The Hotsy Pump 5700 Series
The Hotsy high pressure pump is the heart of the machine. This is a close-up from the 5700 Series.