Testimonials from several Hotsy Dealers

At Hotsy, we feel there’s much to offer those who commit to take on our product line. Our dealer network is made up of the finest – and most knowledgeable, cleaning experts in North America. Many dealers have become very successful, expanding into other markets. But don’t take it from us…here’s what a few of our long-time dealers have to say:

Chris Ensminger
AJ’s Outdoor Power Equipment
Hotsy Dealer since 2009
Mansfield, PA
"While searching for the right pressure washer line to complement our existing business, we wanted a company that could provide top of the line products with a superior reputation and support staff. Our first full year with Hotsy has been much more successful than I could have imagined. The sales and service school training received by our staff have been instrumental in getting our company moving in the right direction immediately. Our company represents multiple product lines but we have never enjoyed the margins we do selling Hotsy. In addition, the opportunity to sell parts, accessories and service are a continual source of revenue for us."
Mitizi Lutz-Moore
Savannah Cleaning Systems
Hotsy Dealer since 1980
Savannah, GA
"As a woman owned business, it was important to me to find a company that would support me with integrated pressure washing equipment, interactive corporate support, protected territory, education, and networking with fellow distributors. Hotsy answered all of my requirements in a clear voice that has provided me with 30 years of pressure washing sales and services in my area. The broad range of services offered by Hotsy has added value to my business in the protection given to me as a Distributor and the Customer as an end user. With the advertising support, product reputation, competitive pricing, and distributor discounts margins, Hotsy has allowed me to grow my company in the direction of being a very successful businesswoman, operating in a mostly masculine industry."
Dave Carr
Truckers Supply Company
Hotsy Dealer since 2009
Meridian, MS
"The Hotsy Jump Start financing program helped us immensely when we originally took on Hotsy and also with our new location…without this program our initial order would have been much smaller and we would not have been able to start off with the “bang” that we did. Hotsy sales representatives have also been instrumental in our growth. While working with our sales team, they have helped to make sales while educating our salespeople on how to make sales and support the customer. The technical support to our service department has also been great. The technicians at Hotsy are always helpful in solving problems with a machine whether it is a Hosty or a competitive brand. Truckers Supply could not have had the success with our pressure washer sales and service without the support we have received from Hotsy."
Herb Coffey
Action Equipment Company
Hotsy Dealer since 1975
Indianapolis, IN
"We have carried Hotsy pressure washers for many years and have found them of the highest quality. But the best part of working with Hotsy has been their culture of caring for the distributors. I have found they are truly concerned about us, not just as customers but as friends."
Bob Schultz
Hotsy Carlson Equipment
Hotsy Dealer since 1974
Austin, TX
"I have been in this business for 26 years and I can honestly say that no company provides the value and level of support to their dealers the way Hotsy does. The first big difference is the people and their commitment to our success. They have real corporate support and programs specifically designed for dealers to grow and profit. Our Regional Sales Manager has spent time driving with every new sales rep and is always available for any support we need. The Hotsy marketing team is always eager to assist us and is skilled in online marketing and keeping up with the latest trends. We will remain a productive loyal Hotsy dealer because of all the support and real benefits to my staff and my company. Oh, I almost forgot, the equipment is good too!"