Hotsy Detergents: Institution and Food Preparation

Among Hotsy’s wide variety of cleaning detergents are a select few designed exclusively for use in food preparation, food manufacturing and institutional cleaning. Containing additives that are highly effective against baked on carbon, grease and oils, you’ll find Hotsy detergents to be easy to use with a pressure washer, and cost affordable. Speak to your local Hotsy dealer to determine which detergent is ideal for your needs.

A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for food processing plants. Excellent on tough odors, stains, dirt, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors, and walls. Chlorinated for extra punch, it’s also great for cleaning mold and mildew from houses, fences, decks, etc.

Miracle Wizz
An unsurpassed liquid for removing baked-on carbon found in food preparation, bakeries, restaurants, food processing plants etc. It is also great for engine degreasing and graffiti removal.