Hotsy Articles

How to Choose a Pressure Washer
Ask yourself two important questions when considering a pressure washer purchase

Hot Water or Cold Water Pressure Washers?
Not sure when to use a hot water pressure washer instead of a cold water pressure washer? This article can help.

Choosing a Wash Bay System Over just a Pressure Washer
Learn why a Wash Bay System may provide a better solution for your cleaning needs.

Select the Right Machine for your Pressure Washing Needs
Hotsy helps you choose the right pressure washer for your particular needs.

Hotsy Detergents – Use Less, Save More!
Hotsy detergents provide a powerful cleaning solution – speed cleaning with a little detergent.

Hotsy Equipment – Engineered for Safety
Hotsy cleaning equipment meets rigorous testing requirements – learn what it means to be safety certified.

Hotsy Accessories Can Speed Up Cleaning
Learn which accessories are the most common, and how they will help you clean faster!

Why You Should Consider a Hotsy 24-pt. Tune-up
Learn what’s involved in Hotsy’s signature pressure washer tune-up and the benefits it will provide.

Hotsy Bulk Pak Detergents
Hotsy’s bulk pak detergent totes offer convenience and savings.

Saving Water with a Pressure Washer
Learn how using a high-pressure washer uses less water than a typical garden hose.

Hotsy Pressure Washers – the Choice of those in the Mining Industry
Discover how Hotsy provides equipment cleaning solutions to mining professionals

Belt Drive Pump or Direct Drive Pump...What’s the Difference?
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using a pressure washer with a belt drive pump vs. direct drive pump.