Hotsy Pressure Washers - Product Safety Certifications and Compliance Testing

Do you know the equipment you’re buying has passed rigorous safety and compliance tests? Hotsy has! Below are several strict safety regulations and requirements where Hotsy equipment has successfully passed testing.

OSHA (CCOHS) regulation 1910.399 and 1910.303(a) states: All electrical and other types of equipment used in the workplace must be “listed” by an “approved” testing agency. Failure to comply can result in penalties and removal of all equipment that does not display the certification mark from a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories).

Worker Protection: Manufacturers that submit their product for certification are inspected by a NRTL (UL, CSA, ETL) to industry safety standards. These standards contain safety devices, testing, practices and warnings to protect the operator from any unforeseen danger.

Liability Protection: In this day of costly litigation, one of our best legal protections against an accident on the job is purchasing only equipment that has been certified by an NRTL to rigorous pressure washer industry safety standards.

CARB: Hotsy is compliant to section 213 of the Clean Air Act. Certificates of Conformity from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pursuant to section 213 of the Clean Air Act indicate Hotsy is compliant.

ISO: Hotsy’s manufacturing facilities are registered by TUV to both the international ISO-9001 quality standard and ISO-14001 Environmental Standard.

C-Tick: N-1417 is our registration number to verify our equipment has been tested for electrical interference emissions.

OSHA (CCOHS) regulation 1910.399 & 1910.303(a) All products Yes
SORE Small Off Road Equipment regulation Gasoline operated equipment not using the approved engines integrated fuel tank Yes
Clean Air Act of 1990 All hot water products Yes
Regulation ICES-002 All engine operated equipment Yes
Tier l-lV engine regulations Engine operated products Yes
NATM / NHTSA Trailers Yes
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act All products Yes

Safety Standards Used in Manufacturing Hotsy Pressure Washers:

  • UL 1776 – Pressure Washer Standard will be harmonized to UL 60335-2-79
  • UL 73 - Electric motor operated appliance standard
  • UL 795 - Commercial-Industrial Gas Heating Equipment
  • CGA 3.2-1992 – Commercial Gas Fired Equipment
  • UL 1017 – Vacuum Cleaners, Blowers and Household Floor Finishing Machines
  • CSA B140.11 – Pressure Washer Safety Standard
  • CSA 22.3 - Electric motor operated appliance standard
  • CGA 2.17-1976 – Gas-Fired Appliances
  • UL 201 – Swimming pool safety standard
  • UL 296 – Safety of Oil Burners
  • CSA B140.2.1 – Atomizing type oil burners
  • UL 979 – Standard for Water Treatment Appliances
  • CSA C22.2 #68 – Motor operated Appliances
  • IEC 60335-2-79 – Pressure Washer Standard for international equipment
  • Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 (CPSIA) Sec. 14(a)(1)