Hotsy Dairy Hygiene Solution

Producing the highest quality milk is a must, which means quality sanitation plays a vital role for dairy farmers. Hotsy has a proven line of dairy hygiene and sanitation products with effective results. When paired with Hotsy's high pressure washers, dairy farmers have a one-stop resource for chemical and cleaning equipment needs. 

Manure Treatment  
Tested by an independent lab to reduce, eliminate odors and gases. Also reduces and prevents crusting and solid formation. Increases nitrogen value in the manure, which saves time, fuel and equipment. 

Vital Oxide Cleaner and Disinfectant
One part stable Chlorine Dioxide formula is very effective for cleaning and disinfecting. There's no mixing, and it's safe for animals and humans. Has a 5 log kill on Staph, Streph and Ecoli. Can be used as a disinfectant and diluted to a sanitizer for spray and/or foam application.

LFB Copper - Liquid Foot Bath with Copper 
Helps prevent food warts and other bacterial hoof infections. Uses no Formaldehyde, and has a balanced Copper and Zinc Sulfate formula which stays active for up to 500 cow passes. 

LFB Clear - Liquid Foot Bath 
Reduces copper sulfate use as much as 80%. Helps prevent food warts and other bacterial hoof infections.

OSFB – One Step Foot Bath 
The most effective Copper Sulfate and Formaldehyde Free footbath available today. Hardens hooves, safe for cows – and humans.

OPD - Oxy Pre Teat Dip 
Fast acting teat dip offers complete sanitizing before milking. Uses a Hydrogen Peroxide formula with independent tests showing a 5 log kill of Staph, Streph and Ecoli. Contains no NPE. 

TD44 - Conditioning Post Teat Dip 
Non-iodine post dip is easy to use. Independent tests showing a 5 log kill of Staph, Streph and Ecoli. Contains no NPE. Prevents chapping in cold, dry winter months, yet also works well in dry hot climates. Stains teats green.

TD Blue - Post Teat Dip 
Powerful, effective disinfectant with a distinctive blue indicator. Patent Pending, 1 part Chlorine Dioxide formula. No mixing needed, gentle to animal skin - no burning. Safe, contains no NPE.

DCS - Dry Cow Sealant
Advance skin care with polymer sealant stays flexible to prevent cracking on teats. Conditions and protects during the dry off period. 

NDT - Navel Dip Treatment
Easy to use with no mixing. Protection of open cord and prevents infection. Gentle, non-irritating formula.

THS - Topical Hoof Spray 
Effective formula sprayed directly on the wart. Contains no acids or Copper Sulfate. Results in 3 to 4 applications. Gentle formula, clings to infected area. 

1-Pack Laundry Portion Control Packs
Easy to use dissolvable pouch extends towel life. No additional softener required. Available in large pack size with 560 loads.