Hotsy HMTP delivers a solution for manure management and odor reduction

Hotsy has expanded our product line to include Hog Manure Treatment Product, or HMTP. This product offers significant odor reduction, and is part of our complete cleaning and hygiene solution for hog farmers.

As its name implies, HMTP treats manure to quickly and dramatically reduce the odors both inside and outside. It does this by chemically influencing the aerobic digestion process of manure, quickly minimizing the release of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Hazardous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane are reduced to safe levels for both pigs and humans.

HMTP accelerates the breakdown of solids in manure, resulting in a reduction in crusting, fewer flies, faster pump-out and greater volume of slurry removal. The reduction of odors and toxic gases from manure, positively affects the livestock with calmer and healthier conditions and impacts feed conversion rates.

HMTP is available in 55 gallon drums or large tote of 275 gallons. It’s easy to use, and is added directly to manure pits.

Hog farmers have trusted the Hotsy name for high-pressure washers for years to wash vehicles and barns, to prevent contamination and protect their livestock. Bio-security is a serious issue and protecting pigs requires precautions. We make this process easier with our one-stop solution. Hotsy pressure washers, our line of detergents, Vital Oxide cleaner and disinfectant combined with HMTP gives hog farmers a solution with many positive health benefits for both hogs and staff.

To learn more about Hotsy’s HMTP, please contact your local Hotsy dealer for pricing.


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