Hotsy Detergents: Transportation & Vehicle Cleaners

Hotsy Transportation Detergents are specially formulated for use on cars, trucks, and heavy equipment of all types. Industrial-strength, Hotsy transportation and vehicle detergents are concentrated, biodegradable, and are formulated to use with either a hot or cold-water pressure washer.

Aero One
Approved for aircraft use, this non-toxic compound has met rigorous standards set by Naval Air Development Command; Lockheed (Aerospace Specification AMS-1526); The Boeing Company and McDonnell-Douglas. High concentrations of corrosion inhibitors fight effects of salt, air pollution and acid rain.

A highly concentrated detergent for tackling engine degreasing, parts cleaning, hard-to-clean vehicles, road film, carbon smoke trails, even food and grease build-up — in both hot and cold water. It is great on polished aluminum.

Envy Super Concentrate is an ultra concentrated vehicle wash detergent that can be diluted to extremely high ratios without watering down performance. This product is designed to be diluted to 1:700 for light-duty cleaning and 500-700 for medium-duty cleaning. Envy will significantly reduce the number of buckets that you have to store, change and dispose of.

Fleet Wash
Extremely effective for cleaning stainless steel, aluminum, glass and painted surfaces on cars, trucks, RV's, buses, trailers, mobile homes, tractors etc. It’s also a perfect pre-spray for cleaning engines, whitewall tires, vinyl and metal tops. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.

Hotsy Red
A concentrated powder with outstanding cleaning at a low cost. Ideal for heavy duty, automatic and manual vehicle washing applications.

Truckers and fleet maintenance specialists swear by this heavy-duty detergent. It makes diesel smoke stains, road film and gummy grease residue disappear. It’s equally effective on floors, walls and windows. Use this powerful cleaner where other detergents and chemicals fail.

Panel Wash
A highly effective, economical detergent designed for the truck and transportation industry. It contains a small amount of caustic and is effective as a “pre-spray” to attack the final layer of soil that other products might not penetrate. Great for cutting through road film build-up on over-the-road vehicles.

Power Shine
A highly concentrated vehicle cleaner that produces rich suds to increase dwell time and cleaning action. Power-Shine is safe to use on polished aluminum and is excellent against road film and oxidized paint. It is a good cold water cleaner that works well in hard water and leaves shine.

Transport Vehicle Wash
An economical liquid detergent that cleans stainless steel, aluminum, glass and painted surfaces such as cars, trucks, buses, RV’s, trailers, mobile homes, tractors, etc. Use as a pre-spray for cleaning engines, whitewall tires, vinyl and metal tops.