Why Hotsy Detergents are Better Than Other Brands

There are a number of reasons Hotsy detergents are better than other competing brands. Yes, Hotsy detergents are manufactured by the leading name in North America for high-pressure cleaning equipment, but that’s not why we feel our detergent products are better. We have a number of other reasons, including the following:

  • Hotsy detergents are designed with a particular application in mind. We match the cleaning agents in the formula to the item that is being cleaned
  • Hotsy detergents have multi-component formulations – this means the additives attack a variety of things within a cleaning environment
  • Hotsy detergents are designed exclusively for use in high-pressure washers and are fortified with corrosion inhibitors and de-scalers. This results in less maintenance for your high-pressure washer.
  • Not all detergents are made to the same strength. Hotsy detergents are superior to "economy" soaps because they are not diluted with water, as many of the lower priced detergents are.

Your local Hotsy dealer can quickly show you how Hotsy detergents are better by requesting a product demonstration. If you are currently using detergents, we encourage you to take the Hotsy Detergent Challenge, so we can show you just how efficient using Hotsy detergents can be. Click on the red button to the left to get started!