Hotsy Portable Heaters delivers heat where and when you need it

Hotsy is pleased to offer a line of portable heaters ideal for warming areas where workers are cleaning or working in construction sites, including industrial radiant heaters and forced air kerosene heaters. You’ll increase productivity by warming construction sites, or keep guests more comfortable at an outdoor event. Available in two styles:

Hotsy radiant electrical and forced air kerosene heaters provide a heating solution which works quickly and is designed for industrial use. CSA approved, the HeatMizer and RedHot Cannon offer reliable heat when and where you need them.

Sold exclusively through your local Hotsy dealer, Hotsy industrial heaters are ideal for a number of uses, with several model types available, from electrical radiant heaters to forced air kerosene heaters. Whether it’s curing concrete to thawing frozen ground, heating sewers for work crews to warming animals, you’ll find that our industrial heaters provide an affordable heating solution. Find your local dealer for pricing or to learn more about our industrial heating products.