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Looking for a new business investment?

Entrepreneurs and business owners seem to always be struggling with the same issues:

  • How do I start a new business or expand the one I own?

  • Where is the growth going to come from in the next week and 5 years from now?

  • What markets are growing and offer great margins?

  • What businesses have a proven, documented process that equals success?

  • Am I building a business with enough equity to allow me to retire or pass on to the kids?

All the Benefits of a Franchise, Without Franchise Fees!

What we all want is a company where you have the right people, doing the right things. Marketing and sales processes that work; a product line that is the best in the industry and generates profitable recurring revenues from loyal customers; and a proven, documented, successful business model - without the franchise fees and constraints.

At Hotsy, we provide all the support and proven best practices of a franchise without the loss of your independence and constant revenue sharing fees. Service, parts, and detergent sales are recurring and build equity value in your business so you can see a return on your investment when it comes time to exit.

You’ll find documented processes for every aspect of your business from inventory, sales, service, marketing, and human resources. Factory training and certification of your employees. Regional Sales Managers to provide advice, training and support onsite.

Download our free Become a Hotsy Dealer brochure (pdf) and learn how you can join the #1 name in North America for high pressure cleaning equipment.

With protected territories and a wealth of marketing and training resources, becoming a Hotsy dealer is a great business opportunity. Hotsy is looking for dealers in the following areas:




Southeastern Area


Quebec City, Quebec
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Southern Area





Areas in Maryland

Western Area



Las Vegas

New Hampshire
Most of New Hampshire

North Carolina



Central Oregon

South Dakota
Sioux Falls

Wichita Falls

Western Area

Dealer Testimonials

Bob Schultz Testimonial for Hotsy Dealer Experience

Bob Schultz - Hotsy Carlson Equipment

"I have been in this business for 26 years and I can honestly say that no company provides the value and level of support to their dealers the way Hotsy does. The first big difference is the people and their commitment to our success. They have real corporate support and programs specifically designed for dealers to grow and profit. Our Regional Sales Manager has spent time driving with every new sales rep and is always available for any support we need. The Hotsy marketing team is always eager to assist us and is skilled in online marketing and keeping up with the latest trends. We will remain a productive loyal Hotsy dealer because of all the support and real benefits to my staff and my company. Oh, I almost forgot, the equipment is good too!"

Hotsy Dealer since 1974
Austin, TX

Mitzi Lutz-Moore Testimonial for Hotsy Dealer Experience

Mitzi Lutz-Moore - Savannah Cleaning Systems

"As a woman owned business, it was important to me to find a company that would support me with integrated pressure washing equipment, interactive corporate support, protected territory, education, and networking with fellow distributors. Hotsy answered all of my requirements in a clear voice that has provided me with 30 years of pressure washing sales and services in my area. The broad range of services offered by Hotsy has added value to my business in the protection given to me as a Distributor and the Customer as an end user. With the advertising support, product reputation, competitive pricing, and distributor discounts margins, Hotsy has allowed me to grow my company in the direction of being a very successful businesswoman, operating in a mostly masculine industry."

Hotsy Dealer since 1980
Savannah, GA

Washing Equipment of Tennessee dealer testimonial

Frank and Debra Smith - Washing Equipment of Tennessee

"With the help of my father, we started a distributorship with Hotsy decades ago. Our mission was to provide the highest quality cleaning equipment to commercial and industrial users, and back it up with fast, friendly service. Today, we are still service many of those same customers. Only the Hotsy Brand could have carried us this far; partners with us all along the way. And Hotsy will surely be with us far into the future, with their consistent programs for support and growth. Great flooring financing for us, and attractive payment programs to our end users have allowed us to grow and sell beyond normal financial limits. Solid brand marketing has also kept Hotsy at the top of the chain; customers know they are purchasing the highest quality machines in the industry; backed with the best warranties and parts & service after the sale. Lastly, long-standing relationships of trust with Hotsy representatives and other dealers are what have made Washing Equipment of Tennessee a respected distributor since 1976, and we look forward to many more years selling the Hotsy brand."

Hotsy Dealer since 1970
Knoxville, TN

Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge a fee or require any payment of royalties for the Distributorship rights. This is not a franchise operation by choice. We will provide you with exclusive rights to market Hotsy branded products in your territory.

You will receive:

  • Site selection and set-up support
  • Facility layout/design and equipment specifications
  • Small business management training and support
  • Cash management and finance tools
  • Sales and product training
  • Marketing support
  • On-site sales support
  • Customer and prospect database set-up
  • Employee training
  • Grand opening
  • Display & marketing materials
  • On-site support for sales, service and administration
  • On-going classes and regional seminars for sales
  • Toll-free customer service
  • Technical assistance
  • 3,000 square foot office-warehouse in business park location
  • Loading dock
  • Garage door
  • Floor drain
  • Service and inventory storage area
  • Showroom

There are no franchise fees, start-up fees or royalties. you will need $20,000 to $50,000 in available cash for initial working capital and the costs associated with setting up a business. In addition, you will be financing your initial inventory, vehicle leases, etc. Actual costs will vary by location and whether you are starting from scratch. A variety of financing sources are available to Hotsy Distributors.

The ultimate earning potential depends on many factors and rests primarily on how hard you are willing to work and your operating and occupancy cost and most important your ability to operate business effectively.

Your list of prospective customers will run into the thousands. Nearly all businesses have some kind of cleaning opportunity that Hotsy products solve. Primary Markets:

  • Transportation (trucking, bus, railroads, airlines, automotive, etc.)
  • Construction
  • Food (processing, preparation, retailing)
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Anywhere you find dirt and grime

Hotsy and Lease Consultants Corp. have a financial package for qualified Distributors that allows you to offer term payments to end users to help close more sales. Hotsy also has inventory support programs for setting up your initial stock and for Distributors who are expanding their businesses. A detailed comprehensive program is provided in the Hotsy Operations Manual.

Hotsy has several manufacturing and distribution centers throughout North America and a manufacturing plant in Europe. The North American plants are all strategically located to support our North American Distributor network. The European plant produces water pumps and other critical components.

  • Good business acumen
  • Driven to succeed
  • Owner is not a victim of circumstance
  • Belief in fast, friendly, knowledgeable service
  • Belief profitability of ideal customer – service, detergent, parts accessories etc.
  • Sell and servicing the BEST equipment available
  • Marketing savvy
  • Belief in education of employees and certification
  • Believe in outside super star salespeople
  • Value a manufacturer that supports its distributors and their beliefs
  • Values and leverages Regional Manager support
  • Willingness to try new things and provide feedback on marketing initiatives – what works and what does not
  • Website, email, CRM, mapping
  • Store front and service center
  • Solid IT structure (company utilizes modern technology)
  • Customer focused
  • Stocks all Hotsy branded products (equipment, parts and soap)
  • Dedicated to continual growth
  • Understand building a business with equity
  • Assistance with site selection and setup
  • Facility layout and design
  • Cash management and financial tools
  • Regional Manager on-site visits and support
  • On-site and regional training classes on hiring employees, products, sales, marketing and service
  • High quality, innovative, competitively priced equipment and supplies backed by the best warranty in the industry
  • Advertising & sales promotion support
  • Protected territories
  • Proven marketing plan
  • Operational guidelines
  • Financial programs to get started
  • Leads, leads and more leads!
  • Cash management plans such as factory financing, flooring programs, and factory-sponsored leasing along with warranty programs
  • Training manuals, policy handbooks, and software

Fill out the informational form and send it to Hotsy. After speaking with you, we will together determine whether to proceed to the next step of having you complete a confidential qualification questionnaire.

This application will be reviewed by the Hotsy General Manager and if approved you will be invited to Hotsy's headquarters in Denver for an interview and further discussions. Successful candidates will be offered a Hotsy Distributorship Agreement and a schedule for site selection, training and set up will be determined. Normally it takes 90 days to commence operations.

Hotsy dealer

Are you up to the challenge?

  • Are you driven to succeed?

  • Do you have a strong business acumen?

  • Are you customer focused?

  • Do you want to sell and service the best product in an industry?

  • Do you believe in employing outside salespeople?

  • Are you interested in an industry that offers residual sales opportunities and high margins?

  • Do you value a manufacturer that supports its distributors?


We are a family of over 130 dealerships, driven by the desire to satisfy our customers, growing our business, making money and having fun. The solid Hotsy reputation has been established over the years by high octane and highly professional marketing programs. You can be an independent business owner, representing the largest, most well-known and respected, brand of pressure washers in the cleaning industry.

If you're looking for an incredible opportunity and you're ready to take on a fun and rewarding challenge, Hotsy would like to talk with you.

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