Finance Your Pressure Washer with Hotsy

Hotsy makes it easy to own a new pressure washer with our flexible financing programs. Start using Hotsy equipment today and make convenient, manageable payments over time.

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Professional Pressure Washers Made Affordable

Not sure whether you can afford a pressure washer right now? Consider financing – it’s an easy way for equipment to “earn its keep” as payments are made. Financing enables you to get the equipment you need right away, without tying up capital.

Your local Hotsy dealer has developed partnerships with financing companies to offer several affordable options. Many programs tailor the monthly payment to fit your budget needs, without becoming a heavy burden. Financing gives you many of the same benefits of ownership, without the initial cost.

Why Finance Your Pressure Washer?

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Improves Cash Flow

New equipment either saves money on current expenses or increases income. Why pay up-front and then wait for the machine’s contribution to the business if your money is tight?

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Preserves Credit

Bank lines and other sources are free to finance business expansion. Newer and fast-growing businesses especially benefit from establishing a new credit source.

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Possible Tax Benefits

You may benefit by reporting lease payments as a monthly expense rather than an outright purchase for tax purposes.

Finance Options

Review our convenient financing options below, and talk to your local Hotsy dealer today to get your questions answered and start the financing process.

Financing Programs

BestBuy Plan

First and Last as Upfront Security Deposit

  • Two‐payment security deposit
  • Monthly payments thereafter
  • Deposit may be surrendered to own the equipment at end of term
  • Rate: multiplied by total cost to calculate monthly payment
  • No application fee
  • No documentation fee
Term Rate
24 Months .0496
36 Months .0354
48 Months .0286
60 Months .0248

3‐Year Example

$10,000 X .0354 = $354.00 / mo.

Deposit up front: $708.00. 34 remaining payments. Deposit may be surrendered as full payment for the equipment. Start to finish, 36 total payments.

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Baker's Dozen Plan

13 Monthly Payments

  • Payments are calculated by dividing the equipment cost by 12
  • Security deposit equal to one payment is due up front, then pay 12 regular monthly payments
  • At the end of the term, simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment
  • No application fee
  • No documentation fee


$10,000 /12 = $833.33 / mo.

Deposit up front: $833.33, then 12 monthly payments of $833.33.

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Finance a New Hotsy Pressure Washer!

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