Pressure Washer Nozzles

A man sprays a metal container with a Hotsy rotary nozzle.
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Choosing the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle

The nozzle is an essential part of your pressure washer. It’s actually what creates the pressure in your pressure washer! The nozzle creates water pressure by regulating the force of the water through orifices of varying sizes and shapes in the nozzle. It is very important that the orifice size matches the specs of your pump in order to create the desired pressure and highest performance. Too large an orifice and you will lose pressure. Too small and you may damage your electric motor or gas engine. Consult your local Hotsy dealer if you have any questions or concerns about selecting the right nozzle for your cleaning task. When operating a pressure washer, never direct the spray toward a person or animal, as it is dangerous and can result in physical harm.

Standard Pressure Washer Nozzles

Select the nozzle degree and spray angle based on your application. Standard nozzle degrees include 0°, 15°, 25° and 40°. Be careful when selecting a nozzle, as using the wrong nozzle degree can damage the surface you are cleaning. Talk to your local Hotsy dealer if you need assistance or have a question.


Illustration shows the effect of using a 0-degree cutting nozzle.

Cutting Nozzle

The 0-degree red cutting nozzle delivers a concentrated stream that can gouge or cut. Forceful enough to remove stubborn stains from concrete and other hard surfaces.

Illustration shows the effect of using a 15-degree chiseling nozzle.

Chiseling Nozzle

Working at a 45° angle, the 15-degree yellow chiseling nozzle works like a scraper by stripping paint, grease and grime from hard surfaces.

Illustration shows the effect of using a 25-degree flushing nozzle.

Flushing Nozzle

The 25-degree green flushing nozzle is most commonly used for cleaning dirt from siding, sidewalks and metal furniture, as well as sweeping wet leaves.

Illustration shows the effect of using a 40-degree wash nozzle.

Wash Nozzle

The 40-degree white wash nozzles use a wide spray to wash and rinse large areas quickly. Safe for most surfaces, including aluminum siding, windows and vehicles.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Chart

Determine the nozzle size by the pressure washer’s GPM (Gallons Per Minute) and PSI (Pressure per Square Inch). If the nozzle size is too small, your equipment can be damaged. If the nozzle size is too large, cleaning ability is compromised. Nozzle fan degree does not effect nozzle size selection.


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