Pressure Washer Accessories

Simplify Cleaning With Pressure Washer Attachments

Hotsy offers a wide selection of genuine pressure washer accessories, as well as replacement parts. For faster, more efficient industrial cleaning, consider one of the many Hotsy pressure washer accessories listed in our catalog.

Machine options and pressure washer accessories are a low-cost, high-impact way to make industrial cleaning faster and easier. Users can experience less fatigue and be more productive with the help of Hotsy pressure washer accessories. Not only that, you can also save wear and tear on your equipment if you're using the right pressure washer accessories.

Hotsy Hose Reels

Tired of messing around with unmanageable pressure washer hose? Hotsy Hose Reels keep your hose orderly and prevents damage.

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Pressure Washer Nozzles

Learn the differences between all properly sized pressure nozzles and how to choose the right nozzle for your job.

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Turbo Nozzles

High-pressure nozzles blast away dirt effortlessly and quickly with a jackhammer effect. Turbo nozzles are great for caked-on mud and build-up on construction equipment.

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X-Jet Long Range Nozzle

These helpful long range nozzles provide a powerful spray up to 40 feet away!

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Flat Surface Cleaners

Designed for use with most hot and cold water pressure washers, Flat Surface Cleaners are ideal for cleaning floors, parking lots, warehouse floors, trailer floors, and more.

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Telescoping Wands

6- to 24-foot extension wands are ideal for high or hard-to-reach cleaning areas. They can be used with any pressure washers up to 4000 PSI.

Hotsy Sludge Sucker

Quickly remove contents from containment pits and drains by attaching the Sludge Sucker to your pressure washer.

Foam Cannon

Apply detergent with a Foam Cannon for better washing results.

Undercarriage Cleaner

Clean the underside of vehicles with an Undercarriage Cleaner.

Hotsy pressure washer guns displayed in a dealer showroom

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Hotsy dealers stock thousands of pressure washer accessories and replacement parts including high-pressure hoses, trigger guns, pressure washer nozzles, pumps, engines, motors, unloaders, filters, and wands.

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