Professional Pressure Washer Detergents

Pressure Washer Detergent Categories

No matter what you clean, Hotsy has an effective detergent for you. Available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, our detergents are developed with specific cleaning applications in mind. Select a detergent category below to find the right detergent for your next pressure washing job.

Hotsy Soap is Designed for Speed Cleaning

Hotsy offers a complete line of effective pressure washer detergents at cost-effective prices. Each is specially formulated for use with hot and cold water pressure washers. We find that many people are using far more pressure washer soap than they need to clean even the dirtiest jobs. Are you using too much? Your local Hotsy dealer can quickly show you ways to save time and money.

High-quality pressure washer detergent, soap and cleaners extends the life of your equipment With advanced-formula Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives, you'll feel confident knowing that your power washer soap is working to prevent hard water and soap build-up, and fight corrosion in your equipment. HCC also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect the metal surfaces being washed.

Ever spend valuable time cleaning with your pressure washer, only to find it’s not removing grime as quickly or efficiently as you would like? One reason may be the detergent (or lack of) that you’re using. For example, if you’re cleaning a commercial truck with a pressure washer, you need a detergent that will remove road film and diesel smoke. Some regular pressure washer soaps may not have the needed components to cut through and remove road film, meaning you’ll spend more time with less than spectacular results.

Hotsy Solution Selector

Finding the right detergent for your cleaning application can be daunting when you see all of your available options. If you're not sure which detergent is best for what you’re cleaning, use the Hotsy Solution Selector below to choose the correct Hotsy product for your application.

Additional Detergent Support

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