1200 Series

Hotsy's self-contained roll cage hot water pressure washer which is gas powered and oil-fired.

The 1260SS delivers serious hot water cleaning capability, and is built to hold up under the toughest of conditions. The rugged roll cage design protects the stainless steel coil and Vanguard gas engine, which delivers 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI. All feature electric start (12V battery is required), the Hotsy Triplex pump with its 7-year warranty and ETL safety certification and CSA-Certified. Equipped with a standard flow switch and 50’ hose.


Technical data

Pressure (psi) 3500
Flow rate (gal/min) 4.7
Cylinder capacity (CC) 479
Weight incl. packaging (lb) 745
Parts & Accessories

Technical Specs for the 1200 Series Pressure Washer

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Note: Models featuring Honda and Vanguard engines are facing significant supply chain issues with substantial delivery delays. Talk to your dealer for latest estimates.