Bulk-Pak Pressure Washer Detergent from Hotsy: Convenient & Affordable!

Hotsy Bulk-Pak pressure washer detergents

Pressure Washer Soap — Buy More, Save More

Hotsy understands its customers' needs for high-quality pressure washer detergent at affordable prices. That's why we've created the Hotsy Bulk-Pak (aka Tote program), a flexible solution to ease your budget and streamline your business. The Bulk-Pak Program is ideal for companies cleaning a large amount of equipment, such as transportation, manufacturing, construction, waste management industries and more.

While most of our customers do just fine with as little as a 5-gallon pail or even a 55-gallon drum of power washer detergent, some of our customers use more than 55 gallons per month. For these high-usage clients, the Bulk-Pak is an attractive alternative because it delivers liquid pressure washer soap to an on-site tank with the capacity to last up to three months.

When you choose the Hotsy Bulk-Pak detergent program, you gain a supply of detergent in a large tank from 250 to 500 gallons. The tank is made of heavy-duty, non-corrosive, non-contaminating polyethylene, designed to keep the detergent free from impurities, keeping your equipment safe from harmful components. For even greater convenience, the tank is plumbed directly into the pressure washer and metered at the best dilution ratio for maximum cleaning results.

To ensure that you're always topped up and never running low on power washer detergent, the Bulk-Pak is regularly refilled from a delivery tank or trailer-mounted tank.


Hotsy Bulk-Pak Pressure Washer Detergent Program Benefits:

  • Ensures you have enough power washer detergent when you need it most

  • Cleaning jobs aren't delayed while waiting for a new shipment of pressure washer soap, eliminating wasted man-hours

  • Keeps your employees safe by eliminating the need to wrestle with heavy, awkward 55-gallon drums (which can result in possible injuries and lost time accidents)

  • No more storage of empty drums

  • Now you can regulate the proper use of pressure washer detergent for the job — using too little detergent can result in poor cleaning and poor company image, while using too much can be wasteful and costly

  • Special non-contaminating tanks ensure the detergent you use is safe on your equipment

  • Save more when you buy in bulk!


Contact your local Hotsy dealer today to determine if the Bulk-Pak power washer detergent program is the right solution for your business.