Hotsy High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Are Engineered for Safety

What Does it Mean to be Pressure Washer Safety Certified?

For years, electrical appliances and small equipment have carried certification seals. These emblems are the government’s way of providing consumer confidence around manufactured product safety. While the government does not perform the actual product examination, test procedures are heavily scrutinized and endorsed by federal agencies.

High pressure cleaning equipment is held to a higher standard. Quality pressure washers are certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to ensure operator safety and for minimized liability. According to OSHA regulation 1910.399, electrical equipment must be “listed” by an “approved” testing agency. Failure to comply with pressure washer safety regulations can result in penalties.

There are testing laboratories that are approved by OSHA that can certify a wide range of products. Among them is Intertek Testing Services (ITS), the internationally recognized laboratory used to certify Hotsy Equipment.


Why Buy Safety Certified High Pressure Cleaning Equipment?

When it comes to pressure washer safety, there are a number of reasons businesses will want to buy equipment that has been certified to safety standards:

  • Legal compliance: It is now the law in the workplace, according to OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.403(a), that electrical equipment must be "approved" by a recognized electrical testing agency. Failure to comply can result in stiff penalties.

  • Worker protection: It makes good business sense to offer your workers a safe environment by providing them with the safest equipment possible.

  • Liability protection: In the days of costly litigation, one of your best protections against accidents on the job was to purchase equipment that has been certified by an NRTL to rigorous safety standards.


Hotsy is committed to pressure washer safety. When you're buying high pressure cleaning equipment, you can rest assured that Hotsy products are engineered to the highest level of safety. Look for the ETL listed marking label on all Hotsy equipment.