Pressure Washer Service and Repair by Local Hotsy Dealers

Hotsy Dealers Provide Maintenance and Peace of Mind

Your Hotsy pressure washer works hard every day to keep equipment and surfaces clean. However, like all things mechanical, components wear down and ultimately will fail. Most businesses need maximum productivity, minimum operating costs, and every minute of production they can get. Giving your Hotsy a little TLC to keep it running properly will prolong the life and protect the investment you’ve made. That way, you can focus on what you need to in order to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly. 

You can rely on us, your local Hotsy dealer, to provide pressure washer service and maintenance support when you need it.

  • Service at your location or ours
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Scheduled maintenance plans
  • 24-Point tune-ups
  • We service all brands
  • Hotsy authorized service center


A service technician provides service on a Hotsy pressure washer

Repair at Your Facility or In Our Shop

When you need service, you can either bring your pressure washer to us or we’ll come to you. We have service trucks on the road daily to provide repairs in the field. We understand how important your equipment is to your operation, and know down time is costing you money. For that reason, our service trucks carry a large supply of pressure washer replacement parts allowing techs to correct most issues on the first visit.

A service technician provides scheduled maintenance on a Hotsy pressure washer

Scheduled Maintenance

Protect your investment with a scheduled, customizable maintenance agreement. Most pressure washers are used often but infrequently checked until they break down. With regular maintenance inspections, our service technicians will perform a 24-Point tune-up and recommend any repairs that are needed. Maintenance plans can be scheduled once a quarter, every 6 months or annually, and can be bundled into the purchase price.

Two technicians work on a pressure washer

We Repair All Brands

Of course we’re partial to the Hotsy brand, but our service technicians perform service and repair on all brands of pressure washers, as well as many other types of equipment. Whatever the brand, your local Hotsy dealer has the expertise to get you back in field again.

A Hotsy pressure washer stands in front of a Hotsy dealer storefront

Hotsy Warranty Center

As your local Hotsy dealer, we are your authorized warranty center. We carry genuine Hotsy replacement parts and accessories. Hotsy pressure washers carry the best warranty in the industry with a 7-year limited warranty on the high-pressure pump and 5-year warranty on the heating coil, which are not prorated. Other components are one year parts and labor, excluding wear items.

What's Included in Hotsy's 24-Point Tune-Up?

Hotsy’s signature 24-Point Tune-up inspects all aspects of the pressure washer to ensure pressure unloaders, safety valves and hoses are working properly. Safety is key, and with regular tune-ups, you will take care of your staff and your pressure washer.


  1. Check pump pressure
  2. Check oil burner, air band or gas pilot light adjustment
  3. Check pump crankcase oil, top off if required
  4. Check fuel filter cartridge, replace or clean if required
  5. Check nozzle, replace if worn
  6. Check pump volume
  7. Adjust belt tension
  8. Check hoses for wear
  9. Adjust burner for best combustion
  10. Check thermostat for proper cycling
  11. Check gun, wand grips for wear or damage
  12. Check for coil sooting* 
  13. Check for coil scaling*
  14. Check for contaminated fuel tank, flush if required
  15. Check detergent inlet system
  16. Inspect quick couplers
  17. Oil pump wicks as required
  18. Check amp draw
  19. Check detergent supply and metering valve 
  20. Grease if required
  21. Check engine crankcase oil and fill if required
  22. Check engine spark plugs, replace if required
  23. Check fuel filter, clean or replace if required
  24. Check detergent suction systems and dilution ratios


* Cleaning is extra on these items. Parts at additional cost.

A technician works in the field to service a Hotsy pressure washer

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