Surface Cleaners

Surface cleaners, in tandem with your Hotsy pressure washer, can greatly increase work efficiency and speed of cleaning large surfaces such as parking lots and sidewalks. Additionally, they provide a more thorough and uniform clean finish compared to using pressure washer wands alone.

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Experience the Advanced Capabilities of Hotsy Surface Cleaners

Worker holds the surface cleaner at the floating offset grips

Floating offset grips on handles provide comfort and ease of use, allowing operators to achieve the ideal angle for their needs.

Worker installs Quick Connect handle on his Hotsy surface cleaner

With the Quick Connect handle, tools are not required to disconnect, eliminating the frustration of missing or misplaced tools in the shop or van.

Hotsy surface cleaner shown cleaning a wood deck

The A+ surface cleaner has low wall clearance, allowing users to clean right up to the wall and reducing the need for manual labor on all wall surfaces.

Upclose photo of a swivel caster on the Hotsy surface cleaner

Superior stability and balance are provided by four 1 & 3/4-inch swivel casters, allowing for easy mobility and safe cleaning motions without any tipping or surface damage.

Upclose photo of the two-wire connection hose

The two-wire connection hose offers a higher safety rating and provides increased durability and strength for longer-lasting operation of your surface cleaner.

Upclose photo of the brushed skirt of a Hotsy surface cleaner

The brushed skirt features thick, stiff bristles that prevent debris in the cleaning path, reduce overspray, and decrease noise level, protecting walls and operators.

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