Hotsy Pressure Washer Testimonials

Learn What Others Have To Say About The Service And Performance They’ve Experienced With Hotsy


"The Hotsy 853 has done eveything we need it to do; actually more than we expected. Excellent machine. We are really pleased with this washer and it's capabilities. Best washer we've had yet." - Rice Flying Service, Inc., Corning, AK


"Our local Hotsy distributor has been servicing Georgia Pacific locations in Portland for over 20 years, and I feel that service is the most important factor in purchasing equipment. The Hotsy natural gas washer that we purchased last year out-cleans anything that we have had in the plant. We love our Hotsy!" - Dwain Taylor, Georgia Pacific Corp. Portland, Oregon


"In June we purchased a small hot water Hotsy pressure washer from our Hotsy dealer, Royce Industries, for cleaning our trucks and heavy equipment. This has been a great investment for our company in saving us both time and money. We are looking at the purchase of another unit (Portable Gas-Engine series) to take out on the job sites. It is important that we have good dependable equipment." - Kemp & Hoffman, Northglenn, CO


"Our Hotsy 1855SS pressure washer is much easier to work on and maintain than other pressure washers we own. It has a lot of cleaning power." - Chuck Harrison, The Halton Company, Portland, Oregon


"We have recently purchased several pieces of Hotsy equipment for a couple of projects we are doing in the mountains. If at all possible, we will always purchase Hotsy equipment for our projects. The equipment is dependable and the service is great." - Hyder Construction Inc., Denver, CO


"Our farm has dealt with Hotsy Central for over 20 years. The service has been excellent. The parts & products they carry are top notch! Whenever we have a question or concern, they have a solution. We have owned 4 Hotsy’s, hot & cold water pressure washer. They have performed for years without fail." - Smith Honey and Seed Farm, Oakbank, Manitoba